2023 Ford Expedition

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The starting point for adventure begins with the new Ford Expedition at Redwood Falls. Embrace a family-friendly SUV that's as efficient on rugged trails as on smooth roads; enjoy the panoramic vista roof that provides open-air circulation, giving way to a pleasurable driving experience; or lounge in the spacious interior that can accommodate up to eight people. The 2023 Ford Expedition SUV at Weelborg Ford is attuned to your needs and demands. And with an aesthetic exterior and expansive interior, this adaptable SUV offers a comprehensive range of practical amenities for the whole family. The Ford Expedition is your starting point for more comfort, improved performance, and better travel.

Lifestyle Customization

A multifaceted automotive gem, the Ford Expedition at Redwood Falls is rigged with flexible lifestyle customization. Enjoy the versatility of going wherever your life leads you in style and comfort. With a treasure trove of accommodations, the 2023 Ford Expedition SUV is perfect for long excursions, family outings, road trips with friends, and more. Your life can become the adventure you crave with the resourceful amenities of the new Ford Expedition at Redwood Falls: Relish the Great Outdoors while camping, travel long distances on family adventures, or enjoy the everyday nuances of urban living. With the 2023 Ford Expedition SUV, you can have it all. 

Integrated Technology

Stay connected wherever you are; the Ford Expedition at Redwood Falls offers the technology needed to ensure you don't miss a beat. A 15.5-inch LCD touchscreen is positioned in the center dashboard for user-friendly connectivity to your favorite apps. Remain informed of the latest news updates, stay accessible to friends, family, and colleagues, or enjoy your favorite music and podcasts while traversing the open road. The Dynamic Digital Display Panel further bolsters these attributes. Complete with a 12.4-inch multicolor screen, this panel clarifies and customizes driving with its vivid digital design. And with Ford Co-Pilot360 technology, you can now enjoy greater safety and enhanced confidence while on the roads. 

Uniquely Styled, Through and Through

The Ford Expedition SUV benefits from many feature-laden updates. A new grille and upgraded lighting accentuate the exterior improvements, which include 22-inch black alloy wheels, jet-black exterior trim, power running boards, sport suspension, and more. Inside, the Ford Expedition offers widely designed, thickly padded front seats for extra comfort, which are accompanied by second and third-row bench seats-clothe and leather seating alternatives are also accessible. The Ford Expedition's utter massiveness is communicated with its aesthetically pleasing exterior. It strikes a tasteful balance between brawn and quality.

Impressive Performance Levels

Each 2023 Ford Expedition at Redwood Falls is powered by an EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 engine that hits a good ratio between efficiency and punch. A 10-speed automatic transmission relays power to all four wheels, improving performance with elevated acceleration at the low and mid power band ranges. The Ford Expedition remains a true frontrunner for full-size SUVs mainly due to its muscular design and robust capabilities. Its accommodating interior and broad model scope further cement this fact. 

Superior Automotive Capabilities

Innovative technological upgrades have been introduced to the 2023 Ford Expedition. Enjoy a new driving experience with a powerful Bang & Olufsen speaker sound system; up to seven unique drive modes to handle various roadway conditions; improved off-road performance with the Control Trac® 4WD System, and more. 

Other automotive capabilities include:

All-Terrain Proficiency

Take your escapades off-road; the new 2023 Ford Expedition SUV is an all-terrain steamroller. Equipped with a Terrain Management System, the Expedition Timberline trim comes with robust skid plates, all-terrain tires, and standard 4WD. 

Abundant Cargo Space

Ample cargo space is available for both passengers and baggage. Fold the second and third-row seats into the floor compartment for additional cargo space. Take family, friends, and their accompanying luggage anywhere with the integrated Cargo Management System. Use the additive space to keep luggage organized and your interior well-kept on long excursions. 

Towing & Hauling Competence

With a towing capacity of 9300lbs, the Ford Expedition isn't just an SUV; it's a heavy-duty 

performer. And what's more, trailer steering is now an easy process. Enjoy effortless trailer reversal and attachment with the Pro Trailer Backup Assist 2.0. This system simplifies brake and sway management with boat or camper trailers. 

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