2022 Ford Escape

Confident and Capable

The new Ford Escape in Redwood Falls is here. A confident SUV crossover with mainstream appeal and a family-friendly composition - the 2022 Ford Escape SUV seemingly has it all. With capabilities that go beyond that of a pleasurable driving experience, you'll be pleasantly surprised (and impressed) with its versatile features and unique attributes. This includes 3 available engines as well as 4 powertrains for that additive thrust to spring your vehicle into motion. And the selection of up to 7 standout bundles to choose from, as well as 3 additional color options makes the Ford Escape at Redwood Falls an attractive model. 

Reputation for Reliability

At Weelborg Ford, we aim to deliver a superior crossover experience. And the 2022 Ford Escape checks that box. With a trustworthy reputation for versatile cargo space, ample passenger comfort, outstanding towing ability, and high performance connectivity, you'll be dazzled by a lot more than just the Ford Escape's sleek and sporty design. This athletic SUV was manufactured for long-lasting reliability in all aspects of vehicle utility. For this reason, you can feel confident about the Ford Escape wherever you happen to be. 

Ready for Anything

The 2022 Escape is brimming with impressive standard and available features. And with each attribute, you'll feel more assured of yourself, as well as the Ford Escape. Its preparation stems from its careful design, technology integration, and versatile capabilities. With these attributes at your disposal, you'll be ready for nearly anything the road can throw at you. Experience the fullness of the expansive leg room and sizeable cargo space, savor the exhilarating power of 250 horses, and take advantage of the standout towing with a 3500lb capacity.

Comfort and Convenience

Active Park Assist

Discover a new level of comfort and convenience with the amenities available on the 2022 Ford Escape. Never again will you have to worry about hitting stationed cars or other objects with Active Park Assist 2.0 within your reach. Enable the automatic setting to feel how easy and effortless parallel parking can be. Simply engage the feature by pressing the Active Park Assist button so the network can identify the ideal parallel parking space. 

Once the network detects a parking space, you'll be prompted to stop, shift to Neutral, ease up on the brakes and press down on the Active Park Assist button - and then you simply let the Ford Escape handle the rest. The manueuvering, navigating, braking, etc, is managed and performed by the network. And the same actions can be performed when you're attempting to exit a spot as well. 

Available B&O Sound System by Bang & Olufsen

Indulge in your own personal auditory studio. Enjoy the benefits of the internationally renowned Bang & Olufsen's sound system. These premium speakers will fill your car (and ears) with your favorite radio station, preferred news outlet, or any other favored listening medium while on the road. And with the additive packages, this sound system will provide an enveloping auditory experience for you and your passengers to enjoy while on your excursions. 

Available Hands-Free, Foot Activated Liftgate

Gone are the days of clumsily fumbling for your keys with your hands and arms occupied with groceries or materials. With the available Hands-Free, Foot Activated Liftgate, you simply use the Intelligent Access Key placed on your person, kick on your bumper beneath your door, and the up comes the liftgate. Moreover, you can also adapt the liftgate height to assist with lower-level overhangs. 

Safety and Security

Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Energency Braking (AEB)

Imagine a system that can scan the road in front of you. It has the ability to spot potential car accidents, or even unsuspecting pedestrians, and alert you so you can take corrective action to prevent a tradegy. That's the power of the Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). 

BLIS with Cross Traffic Alert

Your safety is amplified with BLIS with Cross Traffic Alert. As standard equipment on the Ford Escape, this feature alerts you to any vehicles that may be present in your blind spot(s). 

Adaptive Cruise Control

With Speed Sign Recognition, Stop-and-Go, as well as Lane Centering Assist, the Apative Cruise Control feature ensures your safety by adjusting speed limits automatically and when needed. For example, if the system detects the vehicle in front you go from 50 mph to 30 mph, it will adjust the speed limit on your behalf automatically to avoid a collision. 

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