2022 Ford Bronco

Assertive, Authoritative, All-Powerful

With dirt trails, icy roads, rocky terrain, etc., no territory can hold the New Ford Bronco at Redwood Falls back. It merges vigor with style as it confidently traverses any landscape. The 2022 Ford Bronco SUV is a testament to resilience and practicality. Dominate the most formidable land tracts with superior suspension capabilities, monstrous tires, and an authoritative presence. 

Multi-Faceted Design for Enhanced Versatility

Adaptable? Of course. Performance driven? Without question. At Weelborg Ford, The 2022 Ford Bronco SUV is chock-full of standout features that satisfy the indoor aficionado and outdoor enthusiast alike. Outfitted with tactile clothed seating, the interior of the Ford Bronco at Redwood Falls offers numerous fabric variations. Choose between Marine-Grade Vinyl, Dark Space Grey, and available leather-trimmed seats in Blue, Medium Sandstone, Roast, and more. 

Conversely, the 2022 Ford Bronco doesn't skimp on the exterior either. Perfect for the avid outdoorsman, the exterior of the Ford Bronco comes with a versatile arrangement. A selection of two or four doors allows you to take advantage of customizing your SUV to meet your personal needs and requirements - whatever they happen to be.

Accessorize as You See Fit

Full customization is within your grasp with the 2022 Ford Bronco SUV. First, add Tube Doors for a relaxed ride while retaining safety and security. Then, enjoy the sun's relief with the Bimini Soft Tops. Whatever your customization needs or preferences, there is something available for you. Additional Accessories include:

  • Factory Available Roof Racks: As an accessory, the roof rack can support 110 lbs while driving and 450 lbs when stationary. And a simple removal process of the panels makes for an effortless experience when removing or installing the product. 

  • Available Tents: Your lap of luxury just got a little more opulent. Enjoy the great outdoors even more with the aftermarket two-person tent.  

  • Heavy-Duty Modular Front Bumper: This piece of high-performance equipment allows for the enhancement of off-road clearance as it safeguards your grille and both fenders

Wheels and Tires That Go the Extra Mile

Strong, durable, and long-lasting wheels and tires give the 2022 Ford Bronco its extensive road life. With a robust design and uniquely styled appearance, these wheels and tires allow you to go the distance while standing out from the crowd. Consider the following options based on the terrain you'll be managing:

  • 17-inch carbonized grey-painted aluminum: All-terrain tires on the Big Bend package to accommodate any road or landscape

  • 17-inch black high gloss-painted forged aluminum: Mud-terrain tires designed for the more sludge and slush-covered trails

  • 16-inch bright polished silver-painted steel: Standard tires that come with the Base package

  • 17-inch magnetic low gloss alloy-painted capable cast aluminum: Versatile all-terrain tires integrated with the Raptor package.

  • 18-inch bright machined black high gloss-painted aluminum: These set of robust all-terrain tires can be found as standard equipment on the Outer Banks package

Unrestrained Off-Road Capability

Brimming with cutting-edge off-road features, the 2022 Ford Bronco is a durable and competent SUV. Capable of handling unpredictable trails, winding roadways, and uninhibited all-terrain routes, this is a vehicle with no restrictions. Its hefty design is further complimented by its High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension (HOSS) System, which gives way to more control during cross-country excursions. 

Technological Additions for Comfort and Convenience 

The latest in automotive technology has arrived. And it's been integrated within the Ford Bronco. Stocked with technological advances such as the Terrain Management System, you can now select the driving mode most conducive to the grounds you're traversing. Some of the various methods include:

  • Normal mode

  • Eco mode

  • Slippery mode

  • Sand mode

  • Rock crawl mode and much more

Or consider the utility of the available Trail Turn Assist. Experience the guidance of a software program that automatically assists you by minimizing your turning diameter at lowered speeds in challenging off-roading environments. And, of course, the Ford Bronco doesn't slack in the entertainment department either. With Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto, stay connected wherever the open road takes you. In addition, touchscreen or voice command access allows for a simplified and user-friendly experience with your display interface. 

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